Watch: CNN Finally Forced To Admit They’re SCREWED- Admits Biden Is Done For

Biden’s calamitous debate performance had the Regime Media throwing a hissy fit, as it exposed the cognitive and physical decline of President Joe Biden, which they could no longer conceal or dismiss as Russian disinformation and “cheap fakes”. Amidst the ongoing speculation of whether Biden should remain on the ticket, CNN contributor Scott Jennings, addressed the elephant in the room: Biden’s questionable fitness to continue serving as the President of the United States.

In the midst of a discussion over whether the candidates’ numbers are already baked in, Jennings took the opportunity to school the rest of the panel on CNN State of the Union. He pointed out that regardless of the polls, one cannot simply wish away or brush off the obvious deterioration of Joe Biden over the past four years, which was on full display during the debate. Jennings even mentioned the recent reporting by Axios, which revealed how Biden’s closest aides worked hard to shield him from the public, further raising concerns about his capability to lead.

Jennings went on to emphasize that this issue goes beyond the presidential campaign; it’s about the entire White House and the present moment. He raised doubts about whether Biden can handle the responsibilities of the presidency, not just for the remaining four years but even for the present day. The former President, Donald Trump, faced intense scrutiny even for the slightest of physical or cognitive mishaps, but the media seems to have a different standard for Biden.

The post-debate coverage has been rife with spin and gaslighting from the liberal media, especially after Biden’s disastrous trips to Europe for the D-Day and G7 Summit. If it were any Republican candidate, there would be no talks of how the rest of the ticket would perform without them, but rather demands for their withdrawal and removal under the 25th Amendment. The media, which had been so tightly intertwined with the Biden campaign, is equally responsible for this scandal.

It begs the question, will the editorial boards and pundits across the country have the courage to face the truth and demand Biden’s removal from the presidency if he is deemed unfit to run for re-election? Or will they continue to push the narrative of his potential withdrawal while ignoring the immediate issue at hand?


The media’s double standards and bias are blatantly obvious in their coverage of Biden’s performance, which reeks of a scandal. If they truly believe that Biden is unfit to continue in the race for presidency, then they should have the same conclusion that Jennings arrived at this morning: if Biden is unfit to run for president, then he is also unfit to hold the role of President of the United States.

The public deserves transparency and accountability, not convenient narratives and selective outrage based on biases and agendas. It’s time for the media to start asking the tough questions and to hold our leaders accountable, regardless of their political affiliation. Our nation’s future is at stake.

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