Meltdown: Biden’s Debate Disaster Sparks Civil War Among Democrats and the Media [Video]

The recent headline about a potential civil war in France is foreshadowing a political civil war brewing within the Democratic Party and their media allies right here in America. One side is calling for Biden to step down after his disastrous debate performance, while the other is rallying around him. But during Saturday’s episode of MSNBC’s The Weekend, co-host Michael Steele labeled the New York Times and others who are advocating for Biden to quit as “ignorant.”

Former spokesperson for Kamala Harris, Symone Sanders-Townsend, even went so far as to suggest that the Biden campaign should keep a list of those who are calling for him to resign. She was quick to point out that there were too many people eager to jump on the idea of Biden stepping down. This raises the question, aren’t enemies lists something that only the “evil” Republicans, like Richard Nixon, engage in?

Sanders-Townsend repeatedly used the word “panic” to describe the Democrats’ reaction to those calling for Biden to drop out. But when you consider the post-debate reactions from swing voters and the fact that Trump is leading in traditionally blue states like New Jersey, is it really panic or just a realistic assessment of the current situation?

The show then brought on Democrat Congressman Robert Garcia from California, who claimed to still support Biden. However, it’s easy for him to say that when he is running in a Democratic district that he and Governor Newsom carried by over 35% in the last election. But what about Democrats in swing districts? Do they really want to carry the Biden “millstone” to the polls in November?

While many Republicans and conservatives have been reveling in Biden’s debate meltdown, they need to be careful what they wish for. A damaged Biden remaining on the ballot may be ideal for them. But what if he is forced to step down and is replaced by a more viable candidate? This is something that Trump and his campaign clearly understand, as they have been building up Biden as the strongest candidate for the Democrats and have even taken shots at potential replacements like Governor Newsom.

It’s worth noting that Steele is a frequent guest on Morning Joe, where host Joe Scarborough has been one of Biden’s biggest media supporters. Scarborough has even boasted about his close relationship with Biden. However, even he wasted no time in changing his tune after Biden’s meltdown, calling for him to drop out the very next morning. It begs the question, will Steele call Scarborough “ignorant” and accuse him of “running his mouth,” as he did to those calling on Biden to quit?


At the end of the day, it’s important to consider the potential ramifications of Biden stepping down and being replaced by a stronger candidate. Yes, it may be beneficial for the Republicans, but it could also be a disaster for their opponents. Trump and his campaign are wise to not underestimate the power and potential impact of a new and more formidable opponent. So while it may be tempting for Republicans to dance on the grave of Biden’s campaign, they should perhaps exercise caution and consider all possible outcomes.

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