CNN Parades Medical ‘Expert’: Claims MEN Can Get Pregnant!!! [Video]

CNN’s new medical correspondent, Meg Tirrell, has shown herself to be extremely far-left, to the point where she denies basic biology. In her reaction to the Supreme Court’s decision on Idaho’s abortion law, Tirrell implied that men can become pregnant, stating multiple times that the Court’s punt on the merits of the case dealt with federal law protecting “a pregnant person’s health” and “person who’s pregnant”.

Tirrell’s comments to Jim Acosta revealed her stance that the Court’s decision allows for “medically necessary care” in Idaho, aka the ability to kill an unborn child, in order to “stabilize a pregnant person’s health”. This statement shows her complete ignorance on the matter, as men cannot become pregnant. This is a basic fact of biology that she seems to have disregarded in her attempts to align herself with the liberal media and advocacy groups.

Not only did Tirrell double down on her beliefs, but she also took it a step further by adding the qualifier “strict” to refer to Idaho’s abortion ban, which only allows for abortions in cases where the life of the pregnant person is at risk. This once again shows her disregard for biological truths and instead perpetuates the false narrative that men can become pregnant.

Later in the segment, Tirrell even went as far as to say that the Court’s decision will create “confusion” for states with abortion bans, even ones that have exceptions for the health of the pregnant person. This statement further reinforces her belief that men can become pregnant and need access to abortion services for their own “health”.

In a later segment with Wolf Blitzer, Tirrell once again showed her bias by labeling the Guttmacher Institute as a “pro-reproductive rights group” while labeling the Charlotte Lozier Institute as “against abortion access”. This labeling is not only biased but also further perpetuates the false narrative that abortion is a reproductive right rather than the taking of an innocent life.

Tirrell’s final remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision once again showed her lack of credibility and bias, as she referred to “protections for women” who need abortions, completely disregarding the fact that abortions are performed on babies, not women. She also cited supposed fears of being pregnant in Idaho due to the lack of access to abortion services, completely ignoring the fact that men cannot become pregnant and therefore do not need access to these services.


It is clear that Meg Tirrell’s extreme left-wing bias has blinded her to basic biological facts and has caused her to become a mouthpiece for the liberal media and advocacy groups. Her statements on Idaho’s abortion law and the Supreme Court’s decision of the case only serve to perpetuate false narratives and further the agenda of these groups.

It is concerning that CNN has chosen someone who denies basic biology to be their medical correspondent, and it is even more concerning that her views are being broadcast to the public. America needs journalists who report the truth, not those who push their own biased agendas.

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