WATCH: RIP Biden 2024: Todd Reveals Dem Donors and Leaders in Full Panic Mode!

The first presidential debate of the 2024 election was an utter disaster for President Joe Biden, and even his allied networks couldn’t hide it. NBC’s political director, Chuck Todd, blatantly expressed his disappointment, calling out Biden’s lackluster performance and labeling him as a conservative media ‘caricature.’

Todd didn’t shy away from admitting that there were no highlights from Biden’s debate. The President himself appeared to be the walking-talking embodiment of everything that conservative media has been criticizing. His famous excuse of ‘cheap fakes’ no longer held any weight as Todd exclaimed that it was clearly visible to the public.

Biden was supposed to take the stage and prove that he wasn’t the caricature that the opposing campaign had been painting of him. However, he proved to be the exact opposite. As Todd remarked, “Joe Biden looked and sounded exactly like the caricature that conservative media has been portraying.” This was an enormous disappointment for Democrats, who hoped for a strong performance that would help ease the concerns surrounding Biden’s candidacy.

Not only did Biden fail to quell any doubts within his party, but he also further fanned the flames of concern. Todd revealed that he had been in numerous conversations with Democratic leaders, and their reactions were nothing short of panic. In his own words, “There is a full-on panic about this performance.” The chatter among them was mainly centered around the idea that Biden should step down and allow someone else to take the lead. It was a catastrophic display, and Democrats were not shy about expressing their opinions on the matter.

Before the debate, pre-polling had already shown that Biden was rapidly losing support within his own party. Todd stated that “many Democrats, both elected officials and regular voters alike, were not only supportive of Biden, but also believed he should not seek a second term.” The numbers are undoubtedly going to spike after this disastrous debate. Todd also pointed out that this wasn’t just a minor setback; it had the potential to snowball into something far more significant.

The damage wasn’t limited to the Democratic party. It was apparent that the debate caused a ripple effect, and it wasn’t just limited to the general public. Donors and major elected leaders were also affected by Biden’s lackluster performance. According to Todd, “There is going to be a lot of chatter among donors and major elected officials.” The Biden campaign will undoubtedly have to make numerous calls to calm down the nerves of their supporters. However, it may be too late as the momentum is already building towards public discourse about Biden’s candidacy. The question is, will the campaign be able to stop it?


The first 2024 presidential debate was a disaster for Biden, and it has caused an uproar among Democrats and their supporters. Todd’s candid assessment has revealed that even Biden’s allies were disappointed by his performance. It’s clear that his campaign has been dealt a severe blow, and the damage may be irreversible.

This debate has raised serious concerns about Biden’s ability to lead, and it has also opened the door for discussions about finding an alternative candidate. I don’t think Democrats even have time for that so, it looks like they’re stuck with the horse they backed.

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