Despicable: Dems Shutdown Bill Meant To Save Desperate Americans

We live in a weird time. Somehow we now have a president that forgets keys things like his name and that he is president. This sounds more like a sitcom than real life. But in reality, it’s terrifying. Biden has already caused two disasters in our country and he has only been in office for about half a year. So you’d think Dems would see this too and be more than happy when Rep Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin brought forth a bill to save the Americans Biden abandoned in Afghanistan, but I guess that would mean they care, and we have already seen how little they do with the border crisis. So Dems of course shut down the bill meant to save Americans.

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) today slammed House Democrats for blocking the House from passing his legislation that would have required the Biden Administration to produce a plan to get stranded Americans out of Afghanistan. Gallagher joined a group of House Republicans in requesting this bill be passed by Unanimous Consent but had his request rejected on the House Floor.

“House Democrats have had not one, but two opportunities to join House Republicans in supporting legislation to hold this administration accountable and do whatever is necessary to save lives. Both times, they declined to join our efforts to do so. This is unacceptable,” said Rep. Gallagher. “American lives are on the line and we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to get them home. Congress cannot sit on the sidelines while hundreds of our fellow citizens have been left behind enemy lines.”

Specifically, Rep. Gallagher’s bill would:

  • Demand a plan from the Biden Administration to bring Americans home,
  • Request an accounting of all the equipment left behind,
  • Require transparency on any deals or agreements made by the Biden Administration with the Taliban,
  • Establish a sense of Congress that that Taliban should not be recognized as the government of Afghanistan, and
  • Prohibit any federal funding or sanctions relief to the Taliban.”

I hope that every American sees this B.S. and votes Dems out in 2022 and 2024. But somehow a president that clearly has dementia was “voted in,” so I doubt that the voice of the people is actually be heard.

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