MSNBC Shows Tue Colors With Racist Rant About Black Republican

In their panic over California Gov Gavin Newsom’s fated recall, MSNBC hosts and guests slipped up showing their true colors. Currently, Larry Elder is giving Newsom a run for his money and that set the folks at MSNBC off as they stretched far out on a limb to call Elder a ‘white supremacist’.

Just one problem…

Elder is a Black Republican.

Guest Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero made her racist claim against Elder based on his stance for law and order and against open borders. Guerrero claimed that Elder will make life hard on Black and Latino voters because of his hard stance against crime.

Honestly, her rant about Elder was so racist it’s hard to know exactly where to begin. There is the first issue with Guerrero claiming a Black man with Republican values must be an arbiter of white supremacy. Then this business where directly associates crime with Black and Latino voters— I mean, come on…

“There is so much at stake in this election for Latinos, for black communities, for communities of color overall,” Guerrero urged. ” All of the progress that California has made on immigrant rights, on racial justice issues, could be in jeopardy– Is in jeopardy in this election because the leading candidate, Larry Elder, has pledged to reverse sanctuary laws.”

Guerrero continued with her panicked rant, “He doesn’t believe in in-state tuition for dreamers. He doesn’t believe in driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants. All of these programs that California has been a leader on as far as immigrant rights and protecting immigrants and making immigrant communities feel safe and thus improving public safety on our economic prosperity, all of them are things he wants to attack.”

She then claims that Elder is more of a Republican than Trump. All in efforts to scare the anti-Trump viewers, “This is a man who is to the right of Donald Trump on immigration issues,” she said. “Which is no surprise given the fact he mentored Steven Miller.”

Guerrero was particularly enraged that Elder doesn’t support the liberal belief in systematic racism.

“He [Elder] has made a career out of denying the fact of systemic racism by using false stats that paint black people as more violent than white people,” Guerrero claimed. Adding, “I found based on my analysis of Larry Elder’s writings come from a white supremacist named Jarod Taylor

Guerrero deemed herself an authority on Elder, claiming that she has ‘studies him’. She falsely warns viewers that he’s evil and that they just don’t know it, “I feel like there’s just not enough information out there about the incredible danger that this man poses to immigrant rights and racial justice issues.”

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That’s a backbend in reporting if there ever was one! I have to wonder if anyone reviews their material before airing it because clearly, someone needs to be fired. The new liberal stance is apparently that even Black conservatives are racist because they’re against crime and bad immigration practices.

That’s a jump…


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