Does It Matter To Philadelphia Libs If Fetterman Is Unfit? Check Out Their Responses

It’s a cult. It’s the cult that calls everyone else a ‘cult’. Democrats are so hellbent on winning that they’re willing to vote for a man who isn’t able to function, according to reports. PA Democrats John Fetterman suffered a stroke back in May and is reportedly having major cognitive issues as a result, understandably.

Still, the ultra-left vows to vote him in. Fetterman’s ability to lead is not a concern because he’s not a ‘crazy’ Republican. Now, I get some people will vote blue no matter what but Fetterman’s stroke happened much earlier this year and if he had been honest to the voters Democrats could have had time to get a different candidate in.

They don’t want to talk about that. They don’t want to address his dishonestly anymore than they want to face his health problems. Instead, here is what they’re saying:

“He might not be healthy mentally, but he seems healthy,” Devon, from Philadelphia, said.

“Look at Joe Biden. He’s an older guy,” he continued. “You know he has his health problems, and he’s still able to run the country.”

But Kevin, living in Philadelphia, said he’s concerned about Fetterman’s health and lack of campaign engagement.

“You can’t run for office telling people you’re okay if you’re not okay,” Kevin said. “If something shows up he should be providing some kind of documentation that he has a clean bill of health.”

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May and under went surgery on May 17 – the day Pennsylvania voters elected him as the Democratic candidate for Senate. He has since moved his entire campaign online and has yet to accept challenges from Dr. Oz to a life debate.

“I have no issues with his health all, because I still think he’s able to do his job,” Betty, from Philadelphia, said. She said speech issues are expected after a stroke and mentioned Biden stammers in his speeches.

“We’ve had older people who’ve had other serious health concerns that have certainly been ones to be concerned about, but they’re doing just fine,” Loreal said.

“It looks like he’s recovering,” Will, from Pennsylvania, said. “I’m gonna trust what he’s telling us.”

“Even if it’s gonna take him a little bit of time while he’s in the senate to get it all the way back he’s by far the best option,” he said.


Right now Fetterman is leading in potential voters by a small margin. Fetterman sits at 52% to opponent Dr. Oz’s 47%. That’s with Fetterman still lurking in the shadows. The Democrat has mostly been out of public view for months now and that’s design, I think. It’s much easier to agree to ‘stick to the plan’ when voters have no real idea what condition their candidate is in.

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  1. If you elect crazy you’re going to get crazy so no complaining! I’m shocked this man even has a single vote. What’s wrong with people?

  2. When you consder the terrble shape that Philidelphia is in because it’s run by elected Democrats, it’s no wonder that many of the idiot residents there will vote Democrat again.

    These morons are beyond any help.

  3. What do you expect from a fool in Philly? These people could care less. They just want free Government handout! They do not even understand they are destroyed their own lives! I could sell thousands of dollars of Fentanyal here! That the type of people living in Philadelphia! JUNKIES!

  4. Don’t expect mentally dysfunctional Democrats to be thinking normally. They are all unfit so unfit politicians are fine with them. Soon we will have a cabal of misfits running America like an insane institution

  5. ““Look at Joe Biden. He’s an older guy,” he continued. “You know he has his health problems, and he’s still able to run the country” What? King Joe’s NOT a good example of “still able to run the country.”

  6. So, Fetterman’s been kept out of view for months. Remember that was the same strategy they used for the Joe Biden campaign (so he couldn’t appear in public and make a public fool of himself before the election because he couldn’t speak coherently).

  7. All I can say let Philadelphia be a SLAVE CITY! Throw out the brother love status! But under Fetterman you can go to harbor Flight to buy your own BALLS AND CHAIN! If you think you understand SOCIALIST! Because you don’t! And if you want that in America, best you move to a SOCIALISM COUNTRY ! Because only you will not get to decide if you live or died! Socialism government decide that!

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