Heckler Ambushed Cruz On A Flight, Got Shut Down Real Quick

A Beto O’Rourke supporter spent the entire flight with Texas Senator Ted Cruz not saying a word. At the end of the flight as the Senator tried to leave the plane, the liberal heckler ambushed him to make a video for his Twitter account but was successful. Only to a delusional person.

Senator Ted Cruz just tried to pass one of the most aggressive school safety bills but was blocked by Democrats who blocked efforts to prevent another mass school shooting. Why? Because the bill did not include gun ban policies. The bill instead offered more security at schools and a mental health package to prevent another tragedy.

“We’re in Houston? I thought we were going to Cancun,” the man quips in the video. He was referring to a family vacation Cruz took last year amid statewide power outages. However his slight went unnoticed by Cruz who clearly had his earbuds in.

“Senator, thank you for everything you’ve done since Uvalde. All those podcast episodes must have raised a lot of money for you,” the man continued, slamming Cruz for voting against gun legislation that passed in June.

The heckler then poked fun at Cruz, whose purple tie and the collar was out of place as a result of reaching up for his luggage. “You should fix your tie too, and your collar,” the ‘courageous’ heckler snarked.

Another man’s voice could be heard telling the heckler “let him fly in peace” as Cruz adjusted his tie and collar. The man sounded annoyed with the heckler. I think people are just sick of the drama and bullying.

The Republican congressman had sought unanimous consent in the Senate for a bill that would have given billions for more school resource officers, mental health professionals and security improvements for schools.

Cruz dismissed the man as a “partisan.”

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan, that’s OK,” he said, before turning away.

“You don’t care about the facts. You’re a partisan, that’s OK,” said Cruz, who turned his back on the man as he replied, “You’re not a partisan?”


The heckler was shut down and the video ended. Still, he posted it online as if he had ‘done’ something. In my opinion, all he proved is that he could regurgitate the propaganda the media feeds him. He clearly doesn’t care about preventing school violence, or at least he didn’t have anything to say when Cruz pointed to his fallen bill.

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