Doocy’s Hardball Question Sends Psaki Hiding Behind Useless Policy

You know she should just be honest. The Biden Admin has been flying illegals all over the country in the late hours of the night, and so this new story is more of the same.  Doocy brought up a report of the Biden Admin basically just releasing illegals into our country right after capturing them. The Biden Admin could have addressed this and explained why they were blatantly disregarding our laws, but instead, Psaki chose to play dumb and hide behind a policy that clearly isn’t working.

Peter Doocy: “Why is it that large numbers of single adult men are being released into the United States just hours after being apprehended at the southern border?”

Jen Psaki: “Well, I’m not sure the specifics of what you’re referring to, Peter. What I can tell you in terms of what our policy is and how we’re approaching the border is that we continue to be under Title 42. Migrants who cannot be expelled under Title 42 are placed into immigration proceedings and one of those avenues could be placement in an alternative to detention program in the interior of the United States.”

Doocy: “They’re supposed to check in at a local ICE office, but we know that just between March and August, which is a very small sample size, DHS says more than 47,000 of these migrants that were given notices to report did not show up, so why let them into the US unsupervised in the first place?”
Psaki: “Well, again, we have a stringent protocols and processes that we implement here that includes expelling individuals who come in under Title 42 given we are still in a global pandemic, and includes those who do not show up will be subject to the repercussions of that. So that is the policy we’re implementing from our Homeland Security Department.”
Watch The Clip Below.

Did you see her answer, what garbage… ‘Well if the illegals we release don’t go and report to ICE there could be consequences eventually…’ That’s creating a problem right there. These illegal could end up anywhere in the country and then ICE would have to find them, and if they get into a sanctuary city, then we are pretty much stuck with them. That policy is just a shield for libs to use to justify releasing illegals into our country without any intention to really track them.

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