Fauci’s Sick Tax-Payer Funded ‘Research’ Will Make You Sick

National Institute of Allergy take a seat because this story will piss you off—It did me. The lothed Dr. Fauci reached all new lows according to several discovery reports. Fauci and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) division greenlit tests in which experimenters drugged beagle puppies and locked their heads in cages filled with hungry, infected sandflies. The drug tests were apparently executed even though the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t require new drugs to be tested on dogs, According to PETA.

NIH’s animal experiments have become a Congress flashpoint after it emerged that the government spent $2.5 million injecting beagle puppies with cocaine, sparking a bipartisan investigation, which the Free Beacon first reported. The NIH also funds labs in Russia, even as it invades Ukraine, including one lab that conducted “horrific and barbaric experiments on 18 cats.” The disclosure of the latest funding tranche is likely to build momentum for legislation called the Preventing Animal Abuse and Waste Act that would bar NIAID from conducting these types of dog experiments.

“Fauci’s white coats at NIAID have forced taxpayers to pay millions to de-bark and poison puppies, infest beagles with ticks and flies, and, now, needlessly torture puppies to test a new drug to treat a runny nose,” Devin Murphy, White Coat Waste Project’s public policy and communications manager, told the Free Beacon. “Even NIAID’s own contractor acknowledges that the dog testing demanded by Fauci’s agency is unnecessary because alternative animal models are available.”

What just made this all the more egregious to me was that it was recommended they use rodents but specifically chose beagle puppies, instead. The FDA does NOT require the use of dogs in animal testing so it just seems like an extra evil move to me.

How many more sick virus and disease experiments do we really want the NIH involved in on the taxpayer’s dime?

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