Gender Confused Blood Bank Turns Away Donor For The Dumbest Reason!

This is why we shouldn’t entertain madness on a massive scale. A|66-year-old man says he has donated blood for decades but now that people have lost all touch with reality, he was turned away over pregnancy concerns.

Leslie Sinclare or Scottland was refused by his local blood drive because he failed to answer questions about potential pregnancy.

Sinclair has donated over 125 pints of blood in the last half century, according to the Daily Mail. But when he most recently showed up to do his part to save lives, he says he was told to fill out a form asking if he was or had been pregnant anytime within the past six months.

“I indicated to the staff that I could not be in this position, but they told me that I must answer, otherwise I would not be able to donate blood,” Sinclair, of the central Scotland town of Stirling, told the Daily Mail. “I told them that it was stupid and that if I had to leave I would not come back and that was it, I got on my bike and left.”

Sinclair says he’s donated blood since he was 18 years old and gets that facilities need to make sure the blood is safe but he was floored at the lack of common sense.

“It makes no sense and makes me angry because there are vulnerable people who are waiting for blood, including children, and are in desperate need of help,” he said. “But they were denied my blood because of the obligation to answer a question that cannot be answered.

“They were denied my blood because of an obligation to answer a question that cannot be answered,” he said.

During a hearing to discuss the leaked plans of the Supreme Court to over throw Roe V Wade, an abortionist refused to define a woman as a biological female and instead, insisted that gender was about identification and now science.

What planet are we on?

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