Police Arrested Florida Man For Torture, His Victim Was Only 2-Years-Old


A disgusting individual out of Florida, mercilessly tortured a two-year-old girl while her mother slept.  Andrew Bennett Ross Celaius, 37, for at least two months, would enter the daughter of his girlfriend’s room and abuse her.

There was no limit to the abuse. He would burn her with a lighter, throw things at her, shock her with a dog collar, and shoot her with an airsoft pistol. Celaius did this all while wearing a werewolf mask.

The mother had no idea that this was going on. She only found out after bringing her daughter to the hospital over burn marks that she thought was a sign of ringworm. For some reason, she did not hear the child crying out or screaming out in agony.

The Doctor immediately informed the authorities. They looked into it and found videos and pictures taken in Celaius’s phone and a home surveillance system.

The mother was charged with negligence but she has bonded out. She is currently fully cooperating with the police and they believe that she had no idea this was happening.

Celaius was “charged with child abuse, aggravated child abuse, probation violation, possession of a weapon and several drug charges.”

The Sheriff’s Office commented on the case.

“What really strikes you is the fact that it is dark, the child is sleeping, the door opens and this guy throws a half-empty bottle right into the bed to wake the child up.”

“One of the more disturbing videos shows the child being shocked with a dog collar as she shrieks in pain. Ross-Celaius also allegedly used a butane lighter to burn the girl — either with the flame or by heating the end and pressing it to her skin.”

I’ve been in law enforcement for over 30 years and when I looked at the evidence that we saw here, me and a number of my staff were speechless.”

Watch The Video Below. 

So they have at home surveillance and the mother still knows nothing about it. She must be one heck of a heavy sleeper. She should have known something was going on as her daughter was likely horrified of her room or bedtime.

The police are not sure whether or not the images and videos were shared online.

What a nasty individual. They should lock him up and throw away the key.

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