German Intelligence Warns Iran Is Lying About Their Peaceful Intentions

Biden is planning to lift sanctions on Iran’s Central bank, Oil and Metal companies if Iran signs the dotted line on a new Nuclear Deal. But this is under the guise that Iran’s nuclear program is just about making energy, not bombs. But German Intelligence, however, claims that Iran has been readying the materials needed for nuclear weapons. So are they really looking for peace?

Iran is working to expand its “conventional arsenal of weapons through the production or constant modernization of weapons of mass destruction,” according to a German-language report issued last week by the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, a state security agency equivalent to the FBI…”

“…Tehran continues to claim that its nuclear program is peaceful in nature. The Islamic Republic, however, recently began enriching uranium, the key fuel in a nuclear weapon, to levels reaching 60 percent purity, which is only used for an atomic bomb. The country also continues to build and test ballistic missiles, which are primarily used to carry a nuclear payload over great distances.

The findings contained in the German intel report directly refute claims by Iran’s leaders that the country has no interest in building a nuclear bomb. It is unclear how the report could influence discussions with Iran, which include the United States and Germany. The State Department did not respond to a request for comment on the report and Iran’s proliferation activities. Germany’s government under Chancellor Angela Merkel has been one of the leading proponents of the nuclear accord and reopening business ties with Iran.”

The German report additionally found that Iran is waging sophisticated espionage activities in the country. Germany is one of several European countries where Iranian spies are known to operate.”

Iran already thinks they beat us. Trump was trying to play hardball with the country and now Biden looks to be willing to give them whatever they want to make them come to the table for peace talks. But do they really want peace if they appear to be making nuclear weapons? So glad we have a senile old man leading the country…

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