Chris Cuomo Has Seriously Lost It: Argues That More ‘White Kids’ Need To Be ‘Killed’ [Video]

I hate saying that Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo “lost it” because it’s implying the man had something to lose but he seriously outdid himself during his on-air rant. Cuomo, starved for rating didn’t just bite the left side of the bullet the man swolled the whole gun with his ‘more white kids need to die’ rant. Cuomo argued that in order to have police reform, more white children should be murdered because (in his crazy mind) that’s the only way white voters will care.

It was really sick, even for CNN.

“You hear people. What are you going to do when you see these shootings? You know what you’re going to do. “That George Floyd, did you hear about him? That Daunte Wright, did you hear about him? That 13-year-old Adam, you know he was a gangbanger,” Cuomo raged.

He went for it, adding, “Why do that? Because you want to make the problem them. It takes the onus off the idea that you’re wrong about policing not needing to change. Forget that police are trained to deal with non-compliance with force that is not lethal. “Hey, comply or die, eh.”

That’s when Cuomo hatched his plan:

“And you know what the answer is. You really do. You don’t like it, I don’t like it, it scares me. Shootings, gun laws, access to weapons. Oh, I know when they’ll change. Your kids start getting killed, white people’s kids start getting killed.”

Cuomo then drops so slang, because, you know… he’s cool?

“Smoking that doobie that’s actually legal probably in your state now, but they don’t know what it was and the kid runs and then pop, pop, pop, pop! The cop was justified. “Why did you run?” Oh, he had a baseball game tonight. Oh, white kid, big family, that house over there? Those start piling up. “What is going on with these police?” [Frantic noises] “Maybe we shouldn’t even have police.”

I seriously doubt kids are still calling it a ‘dooby’, but nice try- Fredo.

“That kind of mania, that kind of madness, that will be you. That will be the majority because it’s your people,” Cuomo screamed.

Chris offered another solution to his make-believe problem. Black people should buy more guns, form more militias, and protect themselves from the evil white people:

“See, now black people start getting all guns, forming militias, protect themselves. Can’t trust the deep state. You’ll see a wave of change, in access and accountability. We saw it in the ’60s. That’s when it changes, because that’s when it’s you.

My job is to show you and them, because there but for the grace. And the grace is forgiveness that none of us deserve for the blessings that we’re wasting in this country.”


You can say I’m wrong, and please correct me if I am, but this all sounded like violence-inciting propaganda to me. Like just another push to divide and enrage the country moe. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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