Ohio Students Do Sit-In Protest Over Justified Shooting

It feels like students are just looking for reasons to protest at this point. Ohio Students felt the need to protest after the incident where Ma’Khia Bryant was killed while trying to stab a girl. The students demanded that their Universities cut all ties with the police because I guess they wanted Bryant to stab the girl? Or more likely because they are jumping to conclusions.

The students put out a list of demands.

  • Ohio State University Police Division immediately cease contracts with the Columbus Division of Police for any and all on-campus investigations, services, and events;
  • OSUPD immediately cease mutual aid service contracts with Columbus police and reevaluate joint patrols to limit the presence of and the frequency of calls to CPD officers and resources in off-campus areas;
  • Ohio State no longer accept federal, military-grade resources and reduce OSUPD’s budget for expenditures that may be used for further militarization, but rather reallocate the funds to further invest in student support units;
  • Ohio State’s Department of Public Safety release an action plan, created with student input, that affirms the commitment to Black student safety and overall university safety through disarmed, anti-force and culturally competent practices, and;
  • Ohio State acknowledges and condemns the anti-Black violence the Columbus police committed against Ohio State students and the greater Columbus community.

Watch A Clip From Their Protest.

Ohio State responded to the student’s demands.

“The Ohio State University Police Division (OSUPD) is the primary law enforcement agency on all of our campuses. In Columbus, we contract with the Columbus Division of Police (CPD) for specific services, largely traffic control for athletics events. We also have a mutual-aid agreement in place that allows our OSUPD to assist CPD off campus.”

We can only hope that the students haven’t looked into the case and they are not this foolish. If you watch the bodycam footage, Bryant was about to stab a girl and the Officer had no choice but to fire to stop her. She was not listening as the Officer called for everyone to get down Bryant still very much focused on stabbing the girl in pink. If the Officer had not acted it could have been the other girl who had died during this incident. It was a clean shoot, the Officer was acting to defend the girl in pink, it’s just tragic that the 16-year-old girl died.

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