Gingrich Gives Biden Hell: “To Biden, Americans Are The Bad Guys.”

We really need to do a recall on the whole Biden Admin. If you look at our options even if Biden resigns and admits that he is not fit for duty, that leaves us with Kamala Harris as president. How did Dems pick this ticket? Harris struggled to get 5% of the vote during the Dem Primary. But somehow they picked two duds to lead our country. But since they started running the show our country has gone to crap and Biden seems to be forgetting who it is he is supposed to be attempting to lead.

Gingrich pointed out that Biden is much harder on Americans than he is terrorists in a recent editorial.

“The Daily Mail’s headline “Biden Declares War on the 80 Million Unvaccinated Americans” really hit me as a sign of the growing insanity of the Biden administration.

At a time when we are told by President Joe Biden’s National Security Council that the Taliban has been “cooperative,” has “shown flexibility” and has “been businesslike and professional,” President Biden’s anger is reserved for Americans.

To Biden, Americans are the bad guys. The terrorists and murderers who have been killing Americans and our allies for more than 20 years are the good guys.”

“To the Biden administration, members of the Taliban government – one of whom is an extraordinarily dangerous terrorist who still has a $10 million reward for his capture or killing – are merely “challenging.”

But the 80 million Americans (roughly one in four) who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 must be condemned and forced to accept a medical treatment they do not want.

Furthermore, while he did not have the power or the ability to withdraw from Afghanistan without the help of our enemies, he is creating a presidential right to reach into every business in America.”

“Biden is comfortable attacking Americans but deeply uncomfortable confronting enemies who would like to kill us.”

The Afghanistan Evacuation really highlighted Biden’s poor leadership. We had the suicide bomber in the sights of one of our drones and they decided to let the bombing, that killed 13 of our marines, happen because they were in negotiations with the Taliban… Biden’s negotiations with the Taliban were more important than the lives of those marines…

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