GOP Rep Uncovers Huge Evacuation Error… They Should Never Have Been Flown Out First

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The whole purpose of evacuating Afghanistan was to get all of the AMERICAN citizens out of the country. But somehow the Biden Admin failed to do that, instead, they flew out tens of thousands of Foreign nationals that were looking for a better life. Does Biden know that he is supposed to be representing Americans?

Rep Perry questioned Secretary of the State Blinken about this fact. Perry started off by berating him for not showing up in front of Congress in person.

“Mr. Blinken, assuming it’s not classified, can you tell us where you are today?” Rep Perry asked.

“I’m at the State Department,” he replied.”Oh, couldn’t be bothered to come down here and see Congress, alright that’s great,” the GOP Rep said setting the tone.

Blinken tried to reply, “My understanding is that the House is not in session—”

“I’m right here, Secretary. So is the chairman. So is the ranking member. We’re here,” Perry cut him off reclaiming his time.

Perry then asked the important question, how many tens of thousands of Afghans were getting their visas after the fact…

“How many Afghans not meeting the qualifications of SIV have been brought to the United States? How many Afghan citizens came to the United States that had not met the qualifications for Special Immigrant Visa?” Rep Perry asked.

“We’re in the process of—” Blinken started.”How many did you bring?” Perry pressed Blinken for an exact number.

“We will have, by the end of the month, we would have brought a total of approximately 60,000,” Blinken replied dodging the question.

“That have not met the SIV process standards?”  Perry asked trying to get him to admit the truth.

“Some of those would have been through the SIV process. All of them, regardless of SIV status,  will have gone through rigorous security checks, first at the transit…” Blinken explained.

“It’d be nice if it was done before we brought these people to the United States of America,” Perry said reprimanding Blinken for prioritizing Foreign nationals over American citizens.He then asked if they had all been vaccinated before entering the public.

Watch The Clip Below. 

I don’t if this is just me, but when the order is to evacuate all American citizens how do 60k Foreigners get preferential treatment? I know Biden is desperate for more Dem voters but geez.

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