Hilarious: Jimmy Kimmel To Unhinged Cancel Culture: ‘This Is How Trump Gets Re-Eelected’ [Video]

Even anti-Trumper, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel sees the writing on the wall. Now that Democrats control both the House and Senate by holding the majority in both, the overzealous cancel culture has little in its way to keep them from destroying everything. Recently under the gun was the beloved children’s classic storybook writer, Dr, Seuss.

According to the politically over-correct crowd, Suess perpetuates things like exclusion and racism in his whimsical stories. As we just passed Dr. Suess’s birthday and National Reading day, they pushed to remove his books from circulation. Ironically, ‘National Read Across America Day’ was established on Dr. Suess’s birthday (March 2nd) to honor the children’s author.

During his show Tuesday, Kimmel renamed some of Dr. Seuss’s books to better suit the left. As he poked fun out how ridiculous this has all been, he showed a rolling clip of ‘alternative titles’ for liberals to consider:

-“The Cat in the Problematic Headdress'”

-“How the Grinch Appropriated Native American Culture!”

-“Hop on Pop (With His Consent)”

-“Horton Hears a They”

-“Horton Hears a Misogynist Joke (and Reports it to HR)”

-“There’s a Wocket in My Ethically-Sourced, Sustainable Pocket”

-“No Eggs or Ham,” after which Kimmel quipped, “that’s a vegan thing, I guess”

-“And, “Yertle the Gender-Fluid Turtle and Other Stories”

“This is how [former President Donald] Trump gets re-elected, by the way,” he concluded. “Cancel Dr. Seuss, cancel Abe Lincoln, melt down Mr. Potato Head’s private parts, and throw them at the Muppets. This is his path to victory the next time around.”

You bet, Jimmy…

Liberals are handing the 2024 win to Trump, should he decide to run again, and running what few ‘moderates’ are left over to the conservative side.

While Kimmel sees this as some sort of a red flag, I see it as the only silver lining in all of this. It’s a sort of poetic justice- Democrats will get destroyed by the far-left cancel culture they created.


Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced that six titles – And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, If I Ran the Zoo, McElligot’s Pool, On Beyond Zebra!, Scrambled Eggs Super!, and The Cat’s Quizzer – will no longer be published due to their “hurtful and wrong” character portrayals. Posted on the Dr. Seuss Enterprises website, the statement comes after some works by the late children’s author have drawn scrutiny for racist and insensitive imagery, according to Deadline.

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