WH Cuts Biden’s Mic And The Reason Should Disturb You

Americans everywhere knew that Biden “winning” the presidential election was a mistake. I mean the man can barely form coherent sentences half the time. This is why Liberals were trying to give him cover when it came to the debates. They claimed that Biden shouldn’t have to debate Trump, or made ridiculous demands like there needs to be a fact-checker there. But Dems were desperate. Pelosi held off the Corona Relief Bill just to prevent Trump from having a win so close to the election.

So now that we have Biden as the president, you’d think they would keep him pumped full of the miracle drug that made him semi-coherent during the debates. But it looks like Biden is not in control at all, just watch what happens when Biden offers to answer questions…

“I’m happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do Nance, whatever you want me to do,” Biden stated before the White House cut the feed.

Watch The Clip Below.

Biden is the president of the United States and his own administration doesn’t want him answering questions. He talks to world leaders as part of his job, but he can’t handle a few unscripted questions? The Press has asked Press Secretary Psaki when Biden will face them, and she might as well have said never. Biden recently had to have his wife babysit him during an interview with Univision. She practically acted as his translator.

Pelosi last year talked about using the 25th Amendment to get rid of Trump when he came down with COVID, but they might as well just use it to change out Biden for Harris already. Biden is not running the show, and they made it no secret that it was their plan to put Harris in any way. Harris is no one’s first choice, she had to drop out of the primary for a lack of support. But at least she can string a sentence together and could answer questions.

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