Hillary Clinton HUMILATED, Students Walk Out Of Her College Gig In Protest

Wednesday saw yet another uproar on Columbia University’s campus, as students walked out of a lecture by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. This protest was just one in a series of ongoing demonstrations that have sprung up in response to Israel’s conflict with Hamas. The lecture, which focused on women’s involvement in peace negotiations, was met with pro-Palestein protesters.

Clinton, who currently holds a position as a professor of practice at the university’s School of International and Public Affairs, also serves as a presidential fellow at Columbia World Projects. However, it seems that her previous experience as a politician does not make her immune to criticism from the students she teaches.

I think this is a case of ‘the monster is loose’. Democrats created this environment and now even they struggle to relate to their base.

The walkout was just one aspect of the students’ protest, which aimed to address a larger issue at hand. Students are outraged over the recent incident in which a group of pro-Palestinian students had their names and pictures taken from the school system, and then plastered on a billboard labeling them as “Columbia’s Leading Antisemites.” The New York Times reports that the billboard was attached to a truck and driven around the campus in an apparent attempt to shame and intimidate the students.

The fact that this protest specifically targeted a lecture on women’s involvement in peace negotiations adds another layer to the controversy. Clinton, who has long been seen as a far-left feminist icon, is now facing criticism from the very students who may have once looked up to her.

One student, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “We will not be silenced. We will not allow ourselves to be labeled as ‘antisemites’ for speaking out against injustice.”

These protests have once again brought to light the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, and the way it affects communities all over the world. A region that was recently peaceful until the Biden administration stepped in.

I can’t say I feel bad for Clinton. This seems more of a “you made this bed, now lay in it” situation. What do you think?

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