‘How Is Joe Biden Not Guilty’ For Slain Teen, It Was His Rhetoric: Jesse Watters

Fox News host Jesse Watters snapped after media outlets drop the death of a teenager at the hands of a violent liberal who claimed he killed the child for being a ‘republican’. Watters blasted Biden for spewing dangerous rhetoric and labeling 75 million Americans as potential terrorists.

“It’s Republicans who are the problem, right? Not just kicking over a table. It’s gone much further. ‘Primetime reported last night on an 18-year-old man in North Dakota, brutally murdered over his political beliefs. By a guy who thought he was one of those ultra MAGA fascists Joe Biden warned us about,” Watters said. “Apparently there was a confrontation. The suspect, 41-year-old Shannon Brandt, said he was afraid for his life, so he ran the Republican kid over with his truck. So a lunatic kills a teenager over his politics, leaves him there for dead in an alleyway.”

Authorities charged Brandt, 41, with vehicular homicide after allegedly running down 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson who he claimed was part of a “Republican extremist group,” according to Fox News. Brandt posted a $50,000 bond and was released.

“They were the ones that told us words matter and beware of hate speech and don’t generalize and yet when the president of the United States says that 75 million people, and that’s who MAGA people were, live in the shadows of lies, what do you do with them? What’s the logical consequence of that?” Hanson asked.

“They wanted to charge Donald Trump with incitement, remember, for that speech he gave on January 6th and he was responsible for anything that happened after that speech although he never said anything that they could point to,” Watters said. “How is Joe Biden not guilty of incitement then if he is out there radicalizing half the country against ‘extreme MAGA Republicans’ and some lunatic goes and murders someone who he thought was an extreme MAGA Republican; how is Joe Biden not guilty of the exact same thing they wanted to charge Donald Trump with?”

President Biden attacked Trump’s supporters as a “threat to democracy” during a Sept. 1 speech in Philadelphia that followed other attacks, including a claim that Republicans embraced “semi-fascism” during a speech at an Aug. 25 fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.

“We weren’t surprised that on inauguration day, Madonna said she dreams of blowing up the White House or Kathy Griffin has a facsimile of a decapitated head or people are writing articles in Foreign Policy about having a military coup to remove the president,” Hanson said. “They have been doing that for four or five years. And they know it.”


I would not be surprised to see lawmakers bring Biden up on charges once his term is finally over. You know, the left likes to say that Trump was the worst but he never labeled anyone as a ‘threat’ but the media.

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  1. It is far from reasonable to pinpoint Biden as the inciter; the Progressive Party has been, often with destructive and deadly effect, striving to drive their mentally unstable coreligionists over the edge not only by inciting violence, incendiary mobs, riots – but by approving and encouraging them. They used BLM/Antifa as their Sturmabteilung. They’ve persecuted and defunded police, released dangerous criminals, admitted millions of unvetted illegal aliens, choked our energy sector, abandoned our international politicoeconomic leverage, inflated our currency – and, while calling Trump the death of democracy, spent a fortune in taxpayer dollars (ongoing for six years) to keep him from running for office against the increasingly unmarketable best man they can find in their Progressive party. The Progressives, since Obama, have followed the Machiavellian principle: Destroy everyone who does not agree with you. The Cayler Ellingson murder is just a recent manifestation. I am astounded we haven’t had more assassination attempts given the Progressive incitement efforts to inflame this insanity. True, Biden’s Red Speech was something out of the thirties rise of national socialists – especially given his “Emergency” dictates w/o benefit of Congress.

  2. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. ”

    Saul Alinsky Rule #13 from his book “Rules for Radicals”. What do you think is the playbook of the Democrat Party???

    And Democrats are experts at Projection as well. They ALWAYS accuse people of being the exact thing they are….racist, xenophobic, cruel, and inhumane – but they will never admit it.

  3. In their heart of hearts, Dems and the MSM truly believe the teenager “had it coming.”
    Ya see, if he had just kept his mouth shut….
    They always take the side of the liberal attacker.

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