Sean Hannity Dropped The Big Question: ‘Do We Have Equal Justice Under The Law?’ [Video]

Sean Hannity raised a good question Wednesday, “do we still have equal justice under the law?” He wasn’t referring to law enforcement officers, but really the rotten apples higher up the food chain. Like New York’s Attorney General who built her political campaign on the promise that she would get Trump—Only to wait until she was ready to run for re-election to try and fulfill that promise.

Hannity began by asking, “Do we have in America today, equal justice under the law? We have equal application of our laws in this country to our local, state and federal officials. Do they investigate crimes or prosecute people?”

He continued, “If America’s justice system is ever weaponized and politicized beyond repair. This country that we all love, we are in big trouble. I’ll take a look at New York Attorney General Letitia James. Now, today, she filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump and three of his children and other entities claiming that they inflated the value of the Trump organization. It is nothing short but a very obvious political stunt. It is not a criminal case. It is a civil case. But after three years of nonstop, obsessive investigations into every aspect of the president’s life.”

Hannity pointed out just what I said above, James made a promise to get Trump but never committed to actually stopping crime one the city. He added that “she seemed totally, completely uninterested with investigating crimes or keeping New York safe from violent offenders. It’s less safe than it’s ever been. Instead, her main campaign pledge was to go after one man, Donald Trump and Donald Trump’s family and Donald Trump’s organization. Well, today, in front of the entire nation, she fulfilled her campaign promise.”


The issue with the New York case with AG James it’s just a fragment of an issue we have rising across the country with politically motivated investigations and trials. It’s definitely one of the bigger cases because it involves a former president but it’s not unique.

Meanwhile, other politicians (like the Clintons) never seem to answer for the very real crimes against the people. Which makes Hannity’s question so compelling to me. I’d like to hear what you think in the comments below. Do we have equal justice under the law?

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