Insane Dems Push Reparations Bill During Banking Crisis, Here’s Why

Democrats in California are pushing for a financially irresponsible reparations bill during a banking crisis. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors recently met to consider a proposal to give qualifying Black residents $5 million in reparations as a way to atone for slavery. But with California already facing a massive estimated deficit of $728 million, this plan is nothing more than a political ploy to garner votes.

The proposal, put forward by the city’s African American Reparations Advisory Committee, is just one of many recommendations from its draft reparations plan released in December. Other recommendations range from offering grants to buy and maintain homes to exempting Black businesses from paying taxes. Who qualifies for this? That’s a little fuzzy and it’s not relevant because this is more empty promises from Democrats to pander to desperate voters.

Furthermore, the committee also recommended a “comprehensive debt forgiveness” program that would clear all personal, educational and credit card debt of low-income Black households. But this is yet another example of Democrats pandering to voters with empty promises. With inflation on the rise, this proposal is particularly reckless and could put the state in a deeper financial crisis.

Critics of the plan argue that it is financially irresponsible and does not make sense for people who never owned slaves to give money to people who never were enslaved. Supporters of reparations, however, counter that Blacks continued to face systemic discrimination even after slavery was abolished.

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should reject this proposal and focus on solving the state’s financial problems. President Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion spending package and much of this money is expected to be allocated to California. Instead of spending money on reparations, the state should be focusing on allocating these funds to help those most in need.

It is also worth noting that California never allowed slavery, and the state entered the union in 1850 as a free state. This reparations plan would be nothing more than a political ploy to garner votes and would do nothing to solve the state’s financial woes.

Ultimately, we should be focusing on ways to help those living in poverty and provide assistance in rebuilding our economy. Financial reparations are not the answer. The San Francisco Board of Supervisors should reject this proposal and focus on using the federal funding to better the lives of all Californians.

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