Intelligence Official Tells Biden To Do This If He Wants To Go After ISIS

Thirteen Americans died to due the Biden Admin’s incompetence. We had the suicide bomber in the sights of a drone and the Biden Admin passed on taking the shot because they were in the middle of negotiating with the Taliban… So those Americans died for nothing. Biden has now come out against ISIS-k and claims he will find those responsible. But an intelligence official questions how Biden is going to do that when he has lost all of the eyes and ears we used to have on the ground there.

But with the US-backed Afghan government in exile and the Taliban now effectively in charge of the entire country, retaining visibility into terrorist groups like ISIS-K will be more difficult, current and former officials say.

Even though the US can continue to fly surveillance drones over Afghanistan, because they will be launched from Gulf countries, the drones will spend as much as 60 percent of their fly time just getting to and from Afghanistan, limiting the amount of coverage that they can provide inside the country.

That creates blind spots, multiple current and former officials said. And without a network of human sources that the United States built up over 20 years, intelligence and military officials might not know where to “task” the drones to look.

You can have the most sophisticated air, but if you don’t have the information it doesn’t matter,” said one former intelligence official. “You have to know there’s a threat, then you have to know who is involved and identify them and say, ‘where are they going to be and when?'”

As a result, the Biden administration is grappling with whether some form of “loosely defined” diplomatic and counterterrorism relationship with the Taliban might be necessary.”

It is beyond ridiculous to form a diplomatic counter-terrorism relationship with the Taliban, they were the ones who freed the thousands of ISIS prisoners. The only thing would be doing is giving ISIS a heads up. But we do need to find another way to launch drones into the country if that’s how we are going to take on ISIS. Maybe release the drone from a plane flying far overhead so that it doesn’t have to fly there and back and will get some extra time to scout? But we wouldn’t be in this predicament at all if the drone that was locked onto the suicide bomber had just taken the shot.

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