The Taliban Just Showed Us How Doomed Stranded Americans Are

They say birds of a feather flock together. So similar people often get along and want to be around others with the same tastes. Well unfortunately Afghanistan is doing just that and decided they want to start buddying up with all of our adversaries. They have invited Russia, China, and Iran to be there as they form their new government. It looks like the theme is anti-American.

The Taliban that seized power in Afghanistan has invited a number of countries, including Russia, to take part in an event dedicated to the announcement of the composition of the new Afghan government, the group’s representative whose name was not revealed told the Al Jazeera TV channel on Monday.

“We have sent invitations to Turkey, China, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, and Qatar to take part in the [ceremony] of announcing [the composition of the new Afghan] government,” he said.

The TV channel’s interlocutor also noted that the necessary procedures for the announcement of the composition of the new cabinet had been completed by now. He added that the Taliban would create “a regime that will be accepted by the global community and the Afghan people.”

China is planning to become buddies with the country to get access to their rare metals

“Beijing has reportedly been actively engaging with Kabul on construction of the Peshawar-Kabul motorway, which would connect Pakistan to Afghanistan and make Kabul a participant in China’s massive infrastructure and investment plan, the Belt and Road Initiative. … Beijing is also building a major road through the Wakhan Corridor—a slim strip of mountainous territory connecting China’s westernmost province of Xinjiang to Afghanistan—and onward to Pakistan and Central Asia … According to a 2014 report, Afghanistan may possess nearly a trillion dollars’ worth of extractable rare-earth metals locked within its mountains.”

I guess they forgot North Korea and Cuba. But this is telling as to where the Taliban stands and is troubling when you consider the Biden Admin thought the Taliban would provide Americans with safe passage out of the country…

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