Iranian American Scientists Send Grave Warning To Biden

While Joe Biden works to steadily turn the world upside down, terrorist groups like the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps negotiate terms using the Iran Nuclear Deal, to have their organization removed from the US terrorist watch list. I don’t think I have to explain why that’s a terrible idea and I would hope that no American president would ever…

But, this is Joe…

So a group of more than 500 Iranian American scientists authored a letter to Biden urgining him not to be a complete idiot and remove the Islamic group from the terrorist watch list.

Fox News:

“Iran has demanded sanction relief and the removal of its top military branch from the U.S. list of designated terrorist groups – an idea the administration has reportedly considered in exchange for regional peace

“This regime has survived on two pillars,” University of Connecticut professor and dean of the School of Engineering, Kazem Kazerounian, told Fox News Digital. “One is repression at home and terrorism abroad. IRGC has been the main instrument in securing its survival and pursuing these two sinister objectives. 

“That’s why they are so keen on removing IRGC from the FTO list,” he added.

The letter, led by Kazerounian and signed by another 501 Iranian officials, claimed the IRGC not only “safeguards” Iran’s dictatorship but impedes any progress of human rights advancements. 

The Revolutionary Guard was first sanctioned in 2007 for providing support to external terrorist organizations in the region and was then added to the FTO list in 2019 for “fuel[ing] terrorism, violence and unrest across the Middle East.”

The group promotes other terrorist organizations, like ISIS—We all remember those guys, right? Yeah… Do the right thing, Joe and leave this one alone.

The problem is, I’m actually concerned he’ll make the trade in order to bring back daddy Obama’s failed Nuclear Deal. Thus far, Biden has proven that he will stop at nothing to get the deal made, but at what cost?

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