The Gals At ‘The View’ Are Really Losing It—Here’s Their Latest Conspiracy

This show is so obnoxious that I hate giving them any air but their audience is large enough that we shouldn’t just ignore them. Just like the crazy nets, the folks on ‘The View’ are pumping out nutty conspiracies, trying to rile liberal voters in hopes they’ll forget about how badly the Democrats have failed.

A few days ago, when the announcement that Roe V Wade was overdue and revisit by the Supreme Court, Joy Behar says she was so distraught she couldn’t sleep. She then shared way too much information with the audience:

“I woke up in the middle of the night to pee,” Behar began by sharing way too much information. “And while I was up I see my phone lighting up, people texting, look, what happened here. I couldn’t go back to sleep. It is that devastating. In those hearings, all of these people that are voting to overturn this lied, didn’t they lie?”

That’s where Behar dropped her conspiracy:

“It sounds to me that they all felt there was precedence and they would honor the precedent,” Behar continued. “And now the opposite is happening, not that I was surprised. We saw this coming. My worry that this is just the beginning, next they will go after gay marriage and maybe the Board v. — what is it, Brown v. Board of Education. They already eroded our voting rights a little bit. So I see some — I see fascism down the line, I don’t know.”


The only one who remotely understood how damaging a leak on the SCOTUS level really is was Lindsey Granger but even she had a fist full of conspiracies on who might have leaked it:

“Setting a precedent for taking materials that the public was not yet to consume and telling us that the Supreme Court is now a partisan — it’s not apolitical anymore, it’s part of the partisan fray,” Granger commented. “And I think that’s why, as an institutionalist, I’m looking at this, and I think lot of Republicans are getting upset about the documents being released.”

“The bigger issue, obviously, is abortion is on the table, but people are getting upset because we’re setting a precedent now that you can’t trust the Supreme Court,” she added. “This infighting, nobody knows what’s it is going on who leaked the documents … If it was a liberal that leaked the documents, that would mean they’re trying to undermine the Supreme Court intentionally. If it was a conservative on the Court that released the documents, that would mean they’re trying to force the hand of their counterparts to stay firm in their early opinion, which is not right. We have to leave room for change in the Supreme Court.”


Whoopi Goldberg went on to rant about religion and how she feels triggered by the Justices’ decision. Goldberg accused the court of shoving their religion on her.

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