Judge Takes Aim At Racist Mayor Lightfoot

Liberals are pushing forced diversity and worse now they want white people to hate themselves with critical race theory. This is Leftists trying to divide our country. So Chicago Mayor Lightfoot thought she would jump on the anti-white bandwagon and claimed that she would no longer be taking one on one interviews with white people. She even went on Twitter to defend her racist policy. But now a judge is ordering her to explain her discriminating policy and she is playing dumb.

A judge told lawyers for Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, D., Monday to provide a declaration by the end of the week as to whether her policy of only granting interviews to journalists of color was still in effect or would be in the future.

Conservative watchdog Judicial Watch asked the court for an injunction against Lightfoot’s policy last week, saying it was unconstitutional, but Lightfoot’s attorneys said at a remote hearing Monday that the policy was not in effect and the request was unnecessary, according to reports.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit against Lightfoot on behalf of the Daily Caller News Foundation last month, alleging Lightfoot violated White reporter Thomas Catenacci’s equal protection rights under the Fourteenth Amendment when she didn’t respond to multiple requests for interviews, as well as his First Amendment rights.”

This all about how Mayor Lightfoot claimed she would only be taking interviews with Brown reporters. Lightfoot defended her decision to do so at the time on Twitter.

“I ran to break up the status quo that was failing so many. That isn’t just in City Hall. It’s a shame that in 2021, the City Hall press corps is overwhelmingly White in a city where more than half of the city identifies as Black, Latino, AAPI or Native American.”

“Diversity and inclusion is imperative across all institutions including media. In order to progress, we must change.”

“This is exactly why I’m being intentional about prioritizing media requests from POC reporters on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of my inauguration as mayor of this great city.”

“This is an imbalance that needs to change. Chicago is a world-class city. Our local media should reflect the multiple cultures that comprise it.”

“We must be intentional about doing better. I believed that when running for office. I stand on this belief now. It’s time for the newsrooms to do better and build teams that reflect the make-up of our city.”

Mayor Lightfoot should never have been pushing this racist policy and it serves her right that now she is having to answer for her blatant discrimination. We have to stop putting up with B.S. The answer to racism is not reverse racism.

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