KJP Props Up Joe’s Creepy Slumber Party And Photo-Op, Claims Border Crisis Is ‘Manufactured’

Joe Biden’s White House is under fire for its apparent lack of focus on the critical issues facing the nation. From the crisis at the US-Mexico border, to the debt ceiling, to the tragic mass shooting in Texas, the Biden administration has been accused of ignoring these urgent matters in favor of leisurely activities and photo-ops.

At a White House press briefing on Monday, Fox News White House Correspondent Jacqui Heinrich asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre why the president was “talking about meal vouchers for canceled flights and holding a movie night at the White House” when there were so many pressing issues. The White House had announced plans earlier that day to require airlines to cover the costs of meals and hotel expenses for stranded customers when the companies are at fault for traveling shakeups.

Jean-Pierre defended the president by citing the potential manufactured crisis created by House Republicans and how the announcement was important to American families. But Heinrich countered that the announcement was three weeks out, and asked why the president was not focusing on the current urgent issues.

Jean-Pierre accused House Republicans of “refusing to use the process” and not working with the administration to raise the debt ceiling. She also claimed that regular American families are thinking about Memorial Day Weekend and the announcement was important to them.

Unfortunately, this response falls short of what is needed in this serious time for the country. President Biden’s promise to be a bipartisan unifier cannot be fulfilled if he is not addressing the root causes of these issues. The American people deserve to know why their government is not doing enough to tackle these serious problems.

It is unacceptable that the Biden administration is more focused on photo-ops and leisurely activities than on the urgent issues our country is facing. We need leadership that will address the crisis at the US-Mexico border, the debt ceiling, and the Texas mass shooting with the urgency they deserve. Anything less is a failure to the American people.


I’m willing to bet that after Joe throws his little slumber party we can all expect a flurry of anti-gun propaganda from this administration. As they continue to avoid the real issues in the country.

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