Lib Host Stupified As GOP Strategist Destroys Liberal Voting Narrative

It looks like the MSM messed up this time. NBC’s “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd asked Republican Strategist Sara Fagen about voting and he was clearly not ready for the answer as she quickly laid out facts that I’m sure his viewers never hear. Todd’s other guest tried to discredit her, but she easily refuted him as well. But the best part has to be when Todd realized he messed up inviting her on, since she knows whats she’s talking about and was ruining the liberal narrative.

“CHUCK TODD: Sara Fagen, is there any penalty for Republicans being seen as not on the side of this issue?

SARA FAGEN (Republican Strategist): Well look, I think — first of all, overwhelmingly, you know, it’s easier to vote in the United States than it ever has been. And so much of the rhetoric around voting rights is really about animating the Democratic base. Americans overwhelmingly support voter IDs. Getting an ID is easy in the United States and it’s also free if you can’t afford it. And so, you know so much of this is about mobilizing the base. And I think for most Americans, particularly independent Americans, they recognize that. So I, I don’t– this is an issue that’s not gonna pass, and I think this is just about the base.

TODD: Anna Palmer–

CORNELL BELCHER (Democratic Pollster): I gotta get in here Chuck

TODD: Go ahead.


BELCHER: I gotta push back on my friend Sara about how easy it is to vote in America. It is not that easy to vote in America, if you happen to look like me and you’re in Georgia, standing in line for six or seven hours to vote. It’s not easy to vote in America if you happen to look like me. Right? And that’s been done intentionally. Republicans have intentionally shut down voting polls for places that cater to minorities and people who actually vote Democratic. You’ve seen over 200 laws pass over this last year since the power of young people and black voters turned and flipped states and Hispanic votes flipped states. That’s not by accident, Sara. It is harder to vote today in American than it was.

FAGEN: The facts are though that it is more open in the south than it is even in the northeast, Cornell. And the reality is early vote, absentee vote, these have been growing for the last decade. Every year more and more people vote by these means. And so I just don’t think that’s accurate.

TODD: Alright.

BELCHER: It’s been growing every decade, it’s been growing and, and, but have you seen what the state legislative bodies have been doing? You’re right, it has been growing. It has been growing and more Americans have been voting, and now they’re pulling those things back.”

Watch The Clip Below.

Other countries also do voter ID’s, it’s just such a foolish notion that Americans somehow can’t get IDs. The Left is just trying to find a way to ensure that all of the illegals they have been inviting here, get a chance to vote for them in upcoming elections.

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