Libs Get Triggered Over The Most Ridiculous Thing Yet

This is just absurd. These Dems/Libs really need to find a hobby or something. This time they became triggered over a compliment. Senator Grassley gave judicial nominee Lucy Koh high praise for being the first Korean-American judge to be appointed to the federal circuit in U.S. history. Koh didn’t have any issue with it, but Liberals were of course up in arms.

Grassley’s “offensive” compliment:

“What you said about your Korean background reminded me a lot of what my daughter-in-law of 45 years has said: ‘If I’ve learned anything from Korean people, it’s a hard work ethic. And how you can make a lot out of nothing,'” the Iowa senator said. “So I congratulate you and your people.”

“Thank you,” Koh replied.

Watch The Clip Below. 

Libs however were triggered and pretty much all said the same as Chu here:

“Even as a compliment, assigning any trait to a whole community is the definition of prejudice. Treating all members of a group as the same invites mistreatment. It may not be the same incitement to violence seen in other slurs, but is harmful nonetheless,” California Rep Judy Chu tweeted.

So Grassley’s Office put out a statement.

“Sen. Grassley’s intent was to be complementary, not to insult anyone,” Grassley’s spokesman, Taylor Foy, said in a statement provided to the Des Moines Register. “Chairman Durbin invited Judge Koh to share the inspiring story of her family’s immigration to the United States. Sen. Grassley shared that he has similarly been inspired by the immigration story of his daughter-in-law, who is also Korean-American.”

It was a compliment! These Dems really need to take a chill pill. They are trying to find a reason to be angry about everything. Grassley was just showing appreciation for the Korean people and Koh’s great work ethic. Ah, I see the problem, Dems hate a good work ethic.

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