This Is How Backward The Biden Admin Is: WH Reveals Latest Plan To Deal With Illegals

Biden may have Dementia but what’s the rest of his Administration’s excuse? The border crisis is ridiculous. All the Dems have to do to end the crisis, is secure the border and re-enact Trump policies that kept migrants out until their court dates. But apparently, that just makes too much sense, and doesn’t help them fluff their electorates. So now we have a mass migration of Haitians coming this way, and the Biden Admin has come up with another garbage idea. They want the migrants to be shipped up to Vermont to be processed…

The crisis on the southwest border is forcing the Department of Homeland Security to consider flying migrants all the way to Vermont for processing, according to internal documents reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

Federal immigration agencies are preparing contingency plans for a chaotic fall and winter that include looking to states thousands of miles away for assistance. According to a memo obtained by the Free Beacon, DHS is husbanding resources for the “unconfirmed” transfer of migrants to New York and Vermont and awaiting a response from Border Patrol about the number of additional processing machines required.

A spokeswoman for Customs and Border Protection declined to address the Vermont relocation plans, saying the department does not comment on leaked information.

The Oct. 6 memo indicates that federal officials are considering moving migrants to the Swanton Sector, a Border Patrol site that encompasses 24,000 square miles and includes the entire state of Vermont, as well as broad swaths of upstate New York and New Hampshire. The internal deliberations come just weeks after more than 10,000 migrants, mostly from Haiti, arrived in Del Rio, Texas, and sparked a humanitarian crisis in the border town.”

So they want to send the migrants deep into our country so they can duck out and join the rest of the illegals in our country… Sounds like another great plan by the Dems. They are likely just trying to get away from Gov Abbott since he actually wants to secure our border and keep Americans safe, the opposite of what Dems want.

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