D.A. Braggs Sets In Motion His Diabolical Plan To Keep Criminals Out Of…

This is just too much, he needs to be stopped. Newly appointed D.A. Alvin Braggs put out a memo basically saying he was going to go so easy on crime, and unfortunately for New Yorkers, he was by no means exaggerating. Two armed robbers have already been slapped on the wrist and returned to the community, ready to endanger more law-abiding citizens.

A wanted ex-con allegedly stole more than $2,000 worth of merchandise by threatening a drug store worker with a knife — yet had his armed robbery charges downgraded under the controversial, progressive policies of Manhattan’s new district attorney, The Post has learned…

“Bragg’s policies are an affront to every law-abiding citizen in New York City,” fumed former Manhattan assistant district attorney Daniel Ollen, who’s now a defense lawyer.

“Violent criminals now have carte blanche to re-offend, knowing full well that they will never again sniff the inside of a jail cell.”

Ollen added: “If you thought things couldn’t get any worse, think again. God help us.”

Rolon’s case wasn’t even the first incident like this in the opening days of Bragg’s time in office. Two days earlier, Cristian Hall, 30, was arrested for armed robbery at a TJ Maxx in Chelsea. Hall already had been arrested 21 times on charges including robbery with a deadly weapon and assault, with nine cases still pending before the courts. But Bragg’s office omitted any mention of the weapon used in the latest robbery and had the charges lowered to “shoplifting” and released him yet again.”

He just ignored the victim,” Manhattan defense lawyer Michael Discioarro said of Bragg.

“He’s telling the victim: You don’t deserve protection from the state.”

Discioarro, a former Bronx prosecutor, added: “If this is how we’re going to prosecute crime — by ignoring crime — we’re in trouble.”

This has to be the laziest D.A. This is the wrong way to empty jails. The only right way to empty jails is to eliminate crime. This is just foolishness. Braggs is going to make Manahetten hell on earth. This is worse than California’s theft laws.

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