Mayor Adams Demands Illegals Be Shipped Around The Nation- Share The Burden

As the nation watches in dismay at the heartbreaking, and preventable, border crisis that President Biden has created, New York City has been one of the many left to pick up the pieces of a bumbling policy.

The city’s mayor, Democrat Eric Adams, has already spent over a billion in dealing with this influx of migrants, with projections of needing an additional four billion in funding. The mayor says Republicans are to blame for failing to pass “real immigration reform”.

Unfortunately, the majority of the citizens of the city of New York have no real say in this crisis, and instead the burden is set to be spread throughout the entire nation. Adams said on CBS ‘Face the Nation’ Sunday that there are 108,000 cities, villages, and towns in the United States, and if everyone takes “a small portion” of the migrants it wouldn’t be a burden on any one city.

Adams is also pushing back on the Republican argument that Democrat-controlled cities are attracting these migrants due to their sanctuary status. He says that such cities as El Paso and Brownsville in Texas have gone through similar crises, and pushed for work permits to be issued to the migrants.

You know, it’s not lost on me that Adams was so proud to talk about his ‘sanctuary’ city before the crisis hit his front door. It would be easy to mock him now that he’s starting to crack under Biden’s poor leadership, but the point still remains that it’s the taxpayers footing this bill and I don’t find anything funny about that.

Despite the proposed solution of spreading the burden to other cities, evidence suggests this might not be possible. Adams has been fighting hard for months for federal funding in order to provide emergency shelter sites for the migrants.

He also wants to bus hundreds of single, male adult migrants upstate and possibly to Long Island to stay in hotels for months; however, the municipalities he proposes this to are mostly Republican-controlled, and some lack the necessary resources to take on this unfortunate situation.

His proposal is stupid and only makes the burden someone else’s problem. Lawmakers need to get ahold of the border crisis and start shipping non-qualified individuals back.


With Joe Biden pushing his disastrous border policies, Democrats seem focused on only pandering to the hard left rather than doing what is best for the people of this nation.

Republicans, on the other hand, have been arguing for real immigration reform for years, but Democrats have fallen short in reaching a realistic and reasonable solution. It is an absolutely heartbreaking saga, and it is time for the Biden administration to take steps to find a solution that can protect and benefit both our citizens and our guests in the nation.

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