McConnell Thinks Big Picture In Reply To Trump’s Slight

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Over the Weekend Trump let out some of his frustration during a speech at an RNC Donor Gathering. He came down on both former VP Pence and Senator McConnell. He was upset with Pence as he felt he really let him down and anger with McConnell for not having his back. But that was kind of a theme for his presidency where he was very much on his own. So he called McConnell a “son of a b***h.” McConnell surprisingly took it well.

The Press asked McConnell about Trump’s comment.

Q: “Over the weekend the former president criticized you rather harshly, also the NRSC gave President Trump an award for freedom, your reaction to both of those developments.”

“What I’m concentrating on is the future and what we are confronted with here is a totally left-wing administration, with a slight majority in the House, a 50-50 Senate trying to transform America into something no one voted for last year. No one voted to transform America into something totally different,” McConnell explained. “50/50 Senate, couple seat majority in the house, they want to try to fundamentally change America into something it’s never been, so that’s what I am concentrating on.”

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Senate Minority Whip John Thune (R-S.D.), McConnell’s top deputy, on Tuesday said the Senate GOP leader doesn’t have any ill will toward Trump and wants the feud to end.

That’s one reason why McConnell didn’t take the bait at a press conference and hit back at Trump’s personal attack.

“Right now, it’s sort of a one-sided thing. The leader has no animosity and he’s made it very clear he wants to work with the president to get the majority back,” Thune said Tuesday.”

On Tuesday, he explained what he, McConnell, and other Senate Republicans are thinking.

“Everybody right now, including the leader, who is a target, is saying we are more interested in focusing our ire on the Democrats, who with their policies are doing great harm to the country and these Republican family feuds aren’t helpful, aren’t constructive,” Thune said. “The leader is saying the president is blowing off steam and we’ll live to fight in 2022 and hopefully with the team all on the same page.”

McConnell is taking this well. He could have gone after Trump and they could have had a divisive argument pinning the GOP versus Trump, which would have hurt the party. But instead, he is trying to focus on current problems like the Dems and their plans to reshape the country to their liking. So this was probably the best-case scenario. Right now we need the GOP to remain united in their efforts to stop the Dems. But it’s a tall order since they don’t have the majority anywhere.

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