Poll Shows Students Are Being Hindered By The Left

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Our Education System is in dire need of help. Schools have become Liberal Indoctrination Centers, and students are not getting real educations. A recent poll shows that students can’t see through the lies of liberals and the MSM, since three out of four can’t tell that Biden is not all there.

A new poll—released exclusively by Townhall in partnership with Young America’s Foundation—found that 25% of America’s high school and college students don’t believe President Biden is mentally fit enough to handle the job of president.

When asked to select the biggest issues facing their generation, students ranked racial and ethnic inequality, the spread of COVID-19, and climate change as their top three most pressing crises.

The poll—which surveyed roughly 800 current high school students and 800 current college students between March 30 and April 7—found students approve of President Biden’s handling of the economy by a margin of 58% to 28%.

Students view Biden’s handling of foreign affairs and international relations a bit more negatively, with 51% approving of his actions so far while 30% disapprove. 31% of students are not confident that Joe Biden is an effective leader when it comes to the needs of young people.

A majority—70%—of students believe large corporations should pay more in taxes while 50% of students believe small businesses should be taxed at a lower rate.”

This poll is really telling. Students regardless of their bias should be able to tell just how bad off Biden is. I know some students are not political, but those that are should easily see that the MSM is covering for Biden. He just mumbles on, and often, just goes off on tangents. Anderson Cooper had to redirect him on a China question that he failed to answer twice. “Dr.” Jill had to translate for him during a Univision interview, but students can’t see that he is mentally impaired? I fear for them and this country, if they can’t see something that is plain as day.

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