Megan Kelly BLASTS Hutchinson’s BOGUS J6 Testimony: ‘First Year Law Student Could Have…’

This mess with the January 6th hearings is almost offensive to other kangaroo courts. There is absolutely zero cross examination happening and I seriously question their vetting process. Like the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson—This White House aide that no one has ever heard of before. She suddenly emerges with a long list of tales. Most of which are already being debunked.

One such tale was that Hutchenson claimed to be the author of Trump’s intended post-J6 speech. Trump’s former lawyer  Eric Herschmann quickly came forward to call her out on that whopper. and noted that he wrote the letter, not Hutchenson.

Then this limo garbage, where Hutchenson claimed that Trump became unhinged and demanded to be taken to the Capitol. She even claimed that Trump grabbed the steering wheel as the limo was in route to the West Wing.

“A first-year law student could have driven a truck through the holes in that testimonial,” Kelly, who has a Juris Doctorate legal degree, said Thursday on her “The Megyn Kelly Show.” “Unfortunately, none was present [Tuesday], never mind a full-fledged lawyer presenting Donald Trump’s defense or even just pressing the witness on certain problems with her testimony.”

Kelly punched holes in Hutchinson’s Tuesday hearing claims, noting she was presenting hearsay of what she “overheard” and being “in the vicinity of a conversation,” repeatedly saying to the committee she heard “something to the effect of.”

“Her memory appeared to be rather shaky,” Kelly continued. “Something to the effect of? You remember it very clearly? Then tell us what it was.”

Hutchinson also claimed that the former president sought to have the Secret Service open up the gates to his Stop the Steal rally to allow people in with weapons. Trump has repeatedly denied the claim on Truth Social and in an exclusive Newsmax interview

“What actually happened?” Kelly added. “Did the Secret Service stop screening people? Were they let in? No one has suggested that.”

Democrats and Rhinos have touted Hutchenson’s testimony but I don’t see the win here for them. There wasn’t any cross-examination. In fact, they still haven’t called Trump in to face his accusers.

Just a side note here, but I couldn’t help but notice how similar Hutchenson sounds similar to Johnny Depp’s ex-wide Amer Heard. DO you hear it?


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