Money Talks! Wealthy Dems Pledge $2M To Boot The ‘Big Guy’- So Long Biden!

A group of wealthy Democratic donors have pledged a significant amount of money to fund additional debates among the presidential candidates in the event that Joe Biden decides to drop out of the race for a second term, according to The Washington Post.

Clearly, there is a growing concern within the party about Biden’s performance and his potential inability to secure a victory in the next election.

Led by former Intuit and PayPal CEO Bill Harris, this group is determined to prevent a situation where Vice President Kamala Harris becomes the automatic choice if Biden steps down. This move is a clear indication that Democrats do not have faith in Kamala Harris or any other potential candidate to lead their party. If they did, they wouldn’t feel the need to fund new debates and create an “open primary” to decide on a replacement.

Harris is trying to downplay the situation by claiming that the Democratic establishment and the Beltway community are “slow and reluctant to face reality.” However, the reality is that regular voters have been voicing their concerns about Biden’s age and performance for a long time now, while the party and its leaders continue to turn a blind eye. It seems that the wealthy donors have finally had enough and are taking matters into their own hands.

Harris has even gone as far as financing private polls to study the concerns that voters have about Biden’s age. This shows that they are well aware of the potential risks and liabilities that come with having a 78-year-old president with suspected cognitive issues. Yet, they continue to support him, and even donated a substantial amount ( $620,000) to his campaign in 2020. This raises the question: why are they suddenly having second thoughts now?

It is their lack of confidence in Biden and his ability to win in 2024 that is driving this move. They know that his poor debate performance against Donald Trump has only highlighted his weaknesses and raised doubts about his chances of winning another election. It is evident that there is a growing concern within the party about Biden’s capability to lead, and this pledge of $2 million to fund debates if he drops out is just another sign of it.

During a recent rally, President Biden declared that he intends to run again and believes he will win. However, this statement must be taken with a grain of salt, as doubts about his chances of victory persist within his own party. Some Democrats have already called for him to step down, and it is likely that more will follow suit as the 2024 election draws closer.

The fact that wealthy Democratic donors are pledging millions of dollars to fund new debates if Biden decides to drop out is a clear indication of the lack of confidence in his leadership.

Money talks!

With calls for him to step down and doubts about his chances of winning only increasing, it seems that Biden’s future in the White House is finally coming to an end!

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