Wake Up Call for America: GOP Senator Sounds The Alarm Over ‘Compromised’ Ahead Of Summit

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham issued a warning on Sunday during an interview on “Face the Nation,” claiming that both US allies and enemies could view President Joe Biden as “compromised” ahead of the upcoming NATO summit in Washington. Graham’s comments come as reports emerge of Democrats considering replacing Biden as their presidential nominee, following his disastrous performance in the June 2024 debate.

When asked about the chaos within the Democratic Party and former President Donald Trump’s thoughts on this matter, Graham expressed his concern about the national security implications of the debate surrounding Biden’s health.

He noted that even Bernie Sanders’ criticism of Biden is that he is not liberal enough, showing how divided and dissatisfied the Democratic Party is with their current leader. Furthermore, according to Graham, 70% of the American public doubts Biden’s mental and physical capabilities to be president, and 70% believe the country is heading in the wrong direction. This indicates a deep lack of faith in Biden and his leadership abilities, even among Democrats.

Graham went on to mention the upcoming NATO summit and the recent conflict between Israel and Hamas as examples of critical situations where strong and competent leadership is necessary.

He pointed out that while Biden has had an interview with the special counsel, where he was determined to be a “nice man with a bad memory,” he also believes that the tapes from this interview should be released. Graham then proceeded to call for Biden to take a cognitive test, stating that it is necessary for all future presidential candidates and those in the line of succession to undergo neurological exams as part of their physical assessments. According to him, this is a wake-up call for the country to ensure that those in positions of power are capable of handling high-pressure situations.

Graham also brought up the possible compromise of Biden’s mental state, stating that it is not only a concern for the American people but could also be perceived by the country’s allies and enemies. He asserted that he is offended by the idea that Biden should not take a competency test, given the evidence of his mental decline. He called on both Biden and Trump to take such a test, given the serious nature of the job they are competing for.

The calls for Biden to step aside from the 2024 race come after his disastrous performance in the debate against Trump, where he was observed to have multiple gaffes and struggles to finish his thoughts. While concerns about his mental health were previously dismissed by Democrats and labeled as attacks from Republicans, even some within his own party are now questioning his ability to serve as president. Furthermore, a recent poll showed that a majority of Americans no longer have confidence in Biden’s mental state, with 72% believing he is not fit to lead the country, a significant increase from previous polls.

Graham’s statements and recent polls reveal the growing concerns about Biden’s fitness to serve as president. The Democratic Party’s infighting and doubts about Biden’s abilities to lead are a clear indication that the country is not heading in the right direction.

The upcoming NATO summit and the recent conflict in the Middle East illustrate the need for a strong and competent leader, and at this critical time, many are questioning whether Biden is capable of fulfilling this role. NEWS FLASH—He’s not!

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