Newsom Joins Desperate Dems in Secret Meeting to Save Biden

California Governor Gavin Newsom is heading to Washington, D.C. in a show of support for embattled President Joe Biden. Newsom, along with other Democratic governors, is expected to rally behind the president after his cringe-worthy performance in last week’s presidential debate.

According to reports from Sacramento news station KCRA-TV, Newsom will make an appearance in Washington to stand by Biden’s side as calls for the president to drop out continue to grow. This follows a conference call among state governors, held on Monday, to discuss the potential path forward for the Democratic party in the wake of concerns about Biden’s debate performance.

Newsom, who has been a steadfast supporter of Biden, wasted no time in defending him after the debate. According to the political news site Politico, there seems to be a chaotic fear gripping Democrats in the nation’s capital, as White House aides scramble to tamp down concerns about the president’s cognitive abilities following the disastrous debate.

Despite the speculation surrounding Newsom’s potential to replace Biden on the Democratic ticket, he has remained adamant that he will not be running for president this year. However, he has been busy raising funds for the Biden campaign, helping to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in the hours after the debate aired.

While Newsom has repeatedly denied any interest in running for president, his actions seem to suggest otherwise. The California governor has been building a strong fundraising infrastructure and traveling the country to promote himself as a national party spokesman.

Newsom’s loyalty to Biden is evident, as he has been a top spokesperson for the president and a vocal defender of his. In fact, the Sacramento Bee reported that Newsom had already planned to travel to Pennsylvania on Saturday and New Hampshire on Monday to campaign for Biden.

This is not the first time that Newsom has faced speculation about his ambitions for higher office. In 2019, he raised eyebrows when he visited the White House, reportedly to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris and others, while Biden was on a tour of the Middle East. Some news outlets even joked that Newsom was “White House Hunting” and “measuring the drapes in the White House.”

Newsom’s visit to Washington, D.C. this week is seen as a gesture of support for Biden and a sign of his loyalty to the Democratic party. However, with rumors of his potential presidential ambitions continuing to swirl, some are wondering if this visit is also an opportunity for Newsom to make a name for himself on the national stage. Only time will tell if Newsom will be able to resist the temptation to run for president in the future.

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