Old Footage Reveals Just How Much Biden Cares For Haitians [Video]

This is how you know Biden is not in charge. His Administration stowed away 15,000 Haitians under a bridge due to a lack of manpower to process them, and the facilities to house them. But according to this old clip he doesn’t care about them in the slightest.

“If Haiti —a god-awful thing to say — if Haiti just quietly sunk into the Caribbean or rose up 300 feet, it wouldn’t matter a whole lot in terms of our interest.”

Watch The Clip Below.

But despite Biden’s feelings about Haitians, his administration had been hiding 15,000 Haitians under a bridge by or our border.

The Department of Homeland Security revealed late Wednesday that more than 4,600 migrants who gathered under a bridge in Del Rio, Texas in recent days have been removed from the makeshift encampment — but did not specify how many have been released into the US.

The department said that fewer than 5,000 migrants remained at the Del Rio site, which by some estimates held nearly 15,000 people before the Biden administration ordered removals to begin.

It is not clear how officials determine which migrants are deported and which are released into the US. However, Wade McMullen, an attorney with Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights, told the wire agency that most migrants he and other advocates have interviewed and who have been turned loose have been families with young children and pregnant.” women.”

DHS recently said that “more than 4,600 migrants” had been “removed” from the encampment. That’s an oddly specific number. If you don’t have an exact figure, why not round it off to the nearest thousand? But assuming it’s accurate, that would still leave us with 9,400 migrants in the encampment. And yet DHS went on to say that “fewer than 5,000 migrants remained at the Del Rio site.” That leaves more than 4,000 unaccounted for. Where did they go? We can assume that some of them returned over the river to take their chances with an asylum claim in Mexico, but would that many do it when their goal was to make it to America?”

The Biden Admin just let thousands of refugees into our country. It looks like this administration’s goal is to overrun our country with illegals, refugees, and immigrants. Hence why Dems are so against voters requiring photo IDs, a means to prove they are legal citizens…

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