Oops, Biden Slams Bidenomics in Super Bowl-Influenced Video: Says It’s Hard to Buy Game Day Snacks

President Joe Biden is desperate to deflect the blame for the current state of the economy, and his latest attempt comes in the form of a Super Bowl-inspired video released on Sunday. In a laughable attempt to absolve himself of responsibility, Biden slammed what he called “shrinkflation” — the practice of companies reducing the size of their products while maintaining the same price. However, he conveniently left out one crucial word that reveals the true culprit behind the soaring prices: Bidenomics.

In the video, Biden accuses these companies of trying to “pull a fast one” on Americans and calls it a “ripoff.” But what is truly a ripoff is the fact that the President of the United States is trying to pass the blame onto others instead of owning up to his failed policies.

This is the same president who just a few months ago was touting “Bidenomics” as the key to prosperity. Now, as Americans are facing higher prices and a struggling economy, he conveniently leaves out any mention of his disastrous economic plan.

During his Super Bowl video, Biden claims that “the American public is tired of being played for suckers.” And he’s right. They are tired of being played for suckers by a president who promised to “put this country back on its feet” but has only succeeded in making it more difficult for hard-working Americans to make ends meet. As the weather gets colder and Americans are hit with higher heating bills, it’s a reminder of just how much more they are paying for the same things they used to have before Biden took office.

Biden fails to mention the holidays that just passed, where Americans were shocked at the increased prices for Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas presents. And while he tries to shift the blame onto big businesses, the real culprit is “Bidenomics” — a word that he conveniently left out. It’s clear that he and his administration are acutely aware of how damaging this term is, as it hovers over every decision he makes and every statement he gives.

Biden’s desperation to divert attention away from his own failed policies is evident in his refusal to do a Super Bowl interview. Instead, he relies on a scripted and manufactured video to push his message. But no amount of careful curation can hide the fact that it’s his own economic plan that is causing Americans to struggle. And it’s not just the economy that is suffering under Biden — it’s his entire presidency.

If Biden truly wanted to make a statement during the Super Bowl, he could have used the opportunity to own up to his failures and promise to make things right. But instead, he chose to once again insult Americans’ intelligence by trying to deceive them with a shallow and contrived message. It’s clear that after just over one year in office, Biden has already lost touch with reality and is desperately grasping at straws to save face.

It’s time for Americans to see through the facade and hold Biden accountable for the damage he has caused. It’s not “shrinkflation” or big businesses’ greed that is hurting the country — it’s the disastrous policies of “Bidenomics” and the man behind them.

Now that the Super Bowl has come to an end, it’s time for Americans to recognize that it’s not the big game that needs our attention, but the big problem that is the Biden administration.

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