Over 7 Months In And Schumer Blames Trump For…

This is just pathetic. Biden has been in office for more than 7 months now and somehow Trump is still the person who is at fault. Give me a break, Biden has been ruining the country as fast as he can. At the rate he is going I don’t know if we will have a country for Trump to be elected in by 2024. But anyway Schumer is now claiming that Trump caused the worker shortages we have now by cutting back on both documented and undocumented immigrants…

“The American people understand that fixing our broken immigration system is a moral imperative [and] also an economic imperative because immigrants are so important to our economy,” the top Democrat said.

“Talk about shortage of workers — one of the main reasons is how Trump cut back on immigrants, both documented and undocumented,” he argued.

Watch The Clip Below. 

In the backdrop of all this, the U.S. economy continues to grapple with a labor shortage amid its slow recovery from COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns — and that’s where Schumer hoped to apply some political pressure.

In a clever ploy, the New York Democrat tried to tie America’s labor shortage to Republican efforts to confront illegal immigration, essentially arguing that open borders would lead to jobs being filled.

The pesky worker shortage problem would immediately be solved, he argued, if only America were to grant citizenship to millions who entered the country illegally.”

Schumer is claiming that it is the immigrants that we are missing from our workforce, but if that were the case we should have a surplus of workers right now with the thousands of illegals Biden has let in. But we all know he is full of it. We have a worker shortage because Dems made unemployment more profitable than working. There are monthly tax credits for kids and enough covid stimulus this year that many people were just staying at home and living off the government. So no the immigrants have nothing to do with the worker shortage, this is all on the Dems.

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