Parents Furious As Liberal Teachers Force Kindergartners To Eat Outside In The Cold

This is cold-blooded on the teachers’ part. Kindergartners, aka five-year-olds, are being forced to eat their lunches outside, and whereas this would not be a big issue if it were spring, summer, or even early fall in most places, it’s not ok to force a little kid in 40-degree weather and below just because you are afraid of COVID. Parents found out about it and are asking what the hell?

I am beyond furious, especially knowing children are low-risk,” they said. “Governor Brown maskless in DC this weekend was the last straw.” That’s correct — Kate Brown, the very liberal governor of Oregon, was seen maskless at an indoor event in Washington D.C. a few days ago despite having recently ordered a mask mandate for all indoor spaces in her home state. She’s such a hard-ass about restrictions that she ordered an *outdoor* mask mandate in August despite the mountain of evidence that transmission hardly ever happens outside.

It’s impossible to reconcile her risk calculus in D.C. with the risk calculus that requires five-year-olds to eat their baloney sandwiches with their coats on in 40-degree weather.”

And this is happening across the country.

It’s happening in NYC too. “It’s getting a little ridiculous at this point,” said one Manhattan mom to the New York Post of her child’s school. “They’ve eaten outdoors every day this week. It’s cold.” Another mother in Brooklyn said, “We’ve heard no plans to bring them inside anytime soon. In fact, they are still asking for parents to give the school their Fresh Direct bags to create seating pads. It doesn’t sound like they’re going in.” When the Post inquired with the city Department of Education, they were told that kids can eat indoors if they choose. That was news to the parents interviewed for the story.”

At least at recess the kids are running around and exerting energy, but to just sit in the cold and be forced to do so is B.S. Of course, teachers are claiming that students have the option to eat inside, ‘they are just choosing to eat out there.’ And who told them to eat outside? and likely guilted them into thinking it was the right thing to do?

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