Proof The Media Wants To Watch The World Burn, Slams Debt Ceiling Negotiations

The liberal media has been pushing the narrative that the US is in danger of defaulting on its debt, and that President Biden is the only one who can save us all. But what they don’t tell you is that Republicans have been demanding “steep spending cuts” in exchange for raising the debt ceiling.

ABC’s senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce reported on the negotiations between Biden and congressional Republicans, and tried to scare viewers by saying that “Republicans are demanding steep spending cuts.” However, there was no plan by the GOP to cut spending from the previous year, just a proposal to slow the rate of yearly increased spending.

On the other hand, House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy has proposed “tougher work requirements for federal aid programs.” Biden acknowledged this possibility, but downplayed its importance.

“I voted years ago for the work requirement that exist but it’s possible there could be a few others, but not anything of any consequence,” the President said. McCarthy responded to this comment with a hearty laugh.

The one thing that both sides agree on is that they want to prevent a default, which could devastate the economy and cause mass job loss. Biden has cut short his G7 trip in order to be present for the final negotiations and sign the deal.

The liberal media is using fear-mongering tactics to push for more spending, ignoring the fact that Republicans are trying to find a way to prevent a default without increasing the debt. It’s clear that the liberal media is not interested in doing what’s best for the country, but rather pushing their own agenda.

President Biden should not be pressured into walking away from the negotiations. The GOP’s proposals are reasonable and would help to prevent a default, which would be disastrous for the US economy.


The liberal media should not be using scare tactics to push for more spending, and instead should be focused on helping to prevent a default. The GOP’s proposals are a good starting point for negotiations, and President Biden should not be pressured into walking away from them.

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