Watch As NY GOP Rep Clashes Over Immigration With CNN Puppet

The liberal media and the Biden administration have been trying to downplay the migrant crisis at the southern border for months. But don’t let them fool you—the numbers don’t lie. In December 2022, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported a record-high 250,000 migrant encounters, and in September 2022 they reported over 227,000 migrant encounters. That’s more than any other September on record.

Make no mistake—this is a full-blown crisis, and it’s not going away anytime soon. As Republican New York Rep. Nicole Malliotakis said, “Six million individuals have come into our country, six million. And one-point-two of them are got-aways where we don’t even know where they are in our country.” This is an alarming number of people and it’s only getting worse.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration and the left are using this crisis as a political weapon to push their agenda. They’re trying to make it seem like it’s not a big deal, and that the Trump administration’s policies are to blame. But that’s just not true.

The truth is, the Biden administration created this nightmare. As Malliotakis said, “[Biden], quite frankly, created this crisis at the beginning of his term via executive order.” He reversed many of the policies that had been put in place by the Trump administration to curb illegal immigration. And now, the left is using the border crisis for their own political gain.

That’s why it’s so important to stand up to the liberal media and the left. We must demand that Congress give border agents the tools they need to secure our borders.

Lawmakers must demand that migrants apply for asylum in other countries before trying to do so in the U.S. We absolytly need lawmakers to demand that the number of work visas and family-sponsored visas be increased.

The Biden administration needs to stop using the border crisis as a political weapon.


It’s time that the GOP stand up and fight for the security of our borders. Both parties, actually. US border security should not be a partisan issue. The fact that it is, speaks volumes about Biden’s open border agenda.

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