Psaki Gets Salty About NY Post Reporter’s Question

Psaki has been dodging and weaving for Biden. This time she was got peeved with New York Post’s Steve Nelson. Nelson asked Psaki about all of the legislation that Biden has been part of that hurt the black community and Psaki basically said we are trying to focus on the future… Nelson really got under her skin when he didn’t accept her weak answer and asked again if Biden was going to accept responsibility for his actions.

“STEVEN NELSON: President Biden yesterday, responding to the George Floyd case verdict said that George Floyd’s death, “ripped the blinders off for the whole world to see the systemic racism in the United States.” But he’s an architect of multiple federal laws in the 1980s and ’90s that disproportionately jailed black people and contributed to what many people see as systemic racism. Activist Cornell West said that Biden was one of the core architects of mass incarceration and that, “I think Biden is going to have to take responsibility and acknowledge the contribution he made to mass incarceration.” To what extent does President Biden acknowledge his own role in systemic racism? And how does that inform his current policy positions?

JEN PSAKI: Well, I would say one of the president’s core objectives is addressing racial injustice in this country, not just through his rhetoric, but through his actions and what anyone should look to his advocacy for passing the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, for nominating leaders to the Department of Justice, to address long-outdated policies and to ask his leadership team here in the White House to prioritize these issues in his presidency, which is current and today, and not from 30 years ago.

NELSON: But does he believe it’s important to accept his own culpability for [INAUDIBLE] the system?

PSAKI: I think I’ve answered your question.”

Watch The Exchange Below. 

You could tell she was upset about Nelson’s question. Dems hate to take responsibility for their actions. But usually, since the Liberal MSM always backs them they are rarely ever called out for their misdeeds.

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