Retired Navy Seal CMDR Slams Coward Biden After Putin’s Threatening Maneuver Near Hawaii

It’s one thing for Joe Biden to come off as an incompetent ‘pony soldier’ here in the states, but for him to make the US appear weak on the global stage is just risky business. Ahead of his meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin, Russia conducted military ‘training’ maneuvers off the coast of Hawaii. Rather than address the obvious war games, Biden chose to stay silent during the summit.

Retired Navy SEAL Commander David Sears explained that Biden’s refusal to confront the dangerous leader put Americans at risk. Adding that it was a test for Biden and he failed, miserably.

Sears made the comment during an interview with Fox News,  in response to reports suggesting that the Russian Navy conducted military exercises about 300 to 500 miles west of Hawaii over the weekend, prompting the U.S. to scramble three F-22s to respond to long-range bombers.

 A CBS News report said Russian officials called the exercise its largest in the Pacific since the Cold War, which occurred just days before the two leaders were scheduled to meet in Geneva.

“Right before the summit…it’s a test and President Biden failed,” Sears said.

Biden described his Wednesday meeting with Putin as a “good” and “positive” experience saying he made “no threats” to his Russian counterpart, but warned of “consequences.” Biden said that while “there was a lot of hype” around it, the meeting was “straightforward.”

Addressing critics who accused Biden of going soft to appease the Russian leader, Sears said, “They’re going to continue to push. So regardless of the administration, as a new administration comes in, these bad actors will push around the world. This is how President Putin does things.”

Sears said Putin will likely take advantage of Biden in an attempt to  “push-in through South America and Venezuela and Nicaragua… Baltics, Ukraine. The Russians also see…. Nato as a national security threat to Russia, so they’re positioning themselves to make sure that they can counter that threat,” he said.

“They’re doing to keep trying to fracture any alliances in Europe and the U.S.  – and they’re succeeding so far.”

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Biden hasn’t just hurt the United States’ image to her adversaries. Since taking office even allies have questioned America’s ability to lead. Australian news agencies have regularly brought up Biden’s ‘woke’ movement and weak handling of China as a reason to question if the United States will continue to be a world leader.

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