C-SPAN Viewers Tear Into Stelter And MSM

Americans are sick of the MSM’s lies. They covered for Biden during his presidential campaign, making Liberals think that Biden’s dementia was just a conservative talking point. So we ended up with a president with dementia because of the MSM lies and some shady counts. The MSM also lied about the riots with BLM last summer. So when viewers had a chance to express themselves on C-SPAN, one lucky caller told Brian Stelter his network sucked.

This happened on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

PAT FROM DALLAS, TEXAS: “Good morning.”

Stelter: “Good Morning.”

PAT: “I had to call in because I think CNN is so liberal and I think Fox is great and as far as the elections, I am glad that Biden won even though I am a conservative. I did not want Trump to win a second time, but I watch Fox News because I feel like they are fair and balanced. CNN, I can’t watch you. I wish I could. And MSNBC, they are worse than CNN. And I am not — I’m a conservative, but I am not far to the right. So, that’s my comment. Y’all have a good morning.

BRIAN STELTER: Thank you. I appreciate your comment and I hope you’ll give me a chance in the future. I think that it’s important that CNN cover all of the news, not from a liberal point of view, not from a conservative point of view, but from a reality-based point of view, that’s our job, if we fall down on the job, we want to know and we want the feedback. I sometimes give out my email address on TV because I want viewers to know that if you think we are getting it wrong, tell us, tell us what to do, my email address by the way is [email protected] I think it is important that we be reality-based, not left or right.

Watch The Clip Below.

NANIA: I quit watching MSNBC because Joy Reid became so, so racist and bigoted. Then I quit watching CNN because they allowed all of the guests to come on and do nothing but berate and speak so hatefully and the name-calling that their guests were doing.  It became intolerable. And then when it came to the local channels, which there are three, I got so fed up with them not showing us anything that’s going on anywhere, even the national section of the program, you’ve got nothing.

JOHN MCARDLE: So, Nania, what do you watch now?

NANIA; I watch a variety of all of them, but I will never go back to MSNBC or CNN. Never. Not when they allow their guests to come on there and to speak to the public the way that they allowed them to. It was completely disgusting. And then the man you had on this morning, to sit there and take a full picture shot of him standing in a suit in his underwear.

MCARDLE: I’m not sure what you are referring to, but we will take your viewership question, her viewing diet.

NOYES: This is more of an example of people are turning their backs on media that they don’t think respects them, respects the way they want the news to be delivered. I think journalism would be better served if journalists stuck to the knitting of journalism instead of trying to be political kingmakers or drawing conclusions and acting like politicians.

She is talking about Joy Reid on MSNBC. Well, She is a former Democratic operative in Florida. She comes to MSNBC with apolitical background, and I think it’s pretty clear that she engages in a pretty hardball version of politics every night on her show. I think she certainly has her fans, people like that. But it is much more politics than journalism and I think people who are looking for some kind of news or some kind of a debate that makes them think, probably don’t like that sort of thing, and clearly, the caller doesn’t.

Watch The Clip Below

The really alarming thing here is that there are Americans that are buying all of the swill that hosts, like Stelter, are constantly spewing on CNN and MSNBC. Trump was right to call them out for being fake news.

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