Shocking Footage Shows Rapper Gunning Down Manager, Before Getting Hit By A Car

Accused of gunning down her manager in a Florida street, rapper Kevhani Camilla Hicks faces serious charges, according to the New York Post.

Footage from NBC Miami shows the rapper trading blows with her manager and another male before Hicks reaches for a gun. According to the outlet, the men grabbed Hicks and the scuffle ensued.

Reacting to her manager’s taunt of “I’ll kill you with one hit,” Hicks allegedly shot multiple times at her manager while he attempted to take cover, as reported by NBC Miami.

The second man got back in the car to drive away from the scene, but Hicks was hit by the car and run over as the man backed up the car and drove away. Despite being knocked to the ground, Hicks quickly picked herself up and ran away.

Officers soon found the manager dead from multiple gun shots and took Hicks into custody. Hicks told officers she was defending herself and felt her life was threatened.

“The defendant stated she was in fear due to the victim’s size and upon hearing the victim yell ‘I’ll kill you with one hit,'” the police report read, per NBC Miami.

A judge granted Hicks a $50,000 bond and house arrest during her trial.

The tragic incident has many debating whether or not the shooting was done in self defense. The victim’s alleged threats and aggressions were seen by some as potentially putting Hicks’ life at risk.

“When you’re put in a situation where you’re threatened or feel that your life is in danger, you have the right to protect yourself, whether it’s with physical force or with a weapon,” said local self-defense expert Marcy Pale.

The case has yet to go to trial, and until then, Hicks’ innocence or guilt remains to be determined but I’m going to let the footage speak for itself.


Hicks’ claim of self-defence shouldn’t just be ignored. We don’t know for sure what happened before this. I do think the footage is pretty damning. What say you?

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